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Being a beekeeper is a rewarding and fascinating activity. However, it also involves a significant investment of money and effort, especially in the early stages. Like any livestock, bees need looking after carefully if they are to be healthy, contented and productive. Anyone interested in exploring further is therefore strongly advised to learn more about what is involved, both in theory and practice, before taking the plunge.

A first step might be to come to a 'Taster Day' when, entirely without further obligation, you can learn something of the fundamentals of beekeeping and have a chance to observe it in action in our apiary. If you like what you see, the next step should be to enrol for our Beginners' Course. Indoor sessions cover essential basic information about the life of a honeybee colony and the role of the beekeeper, together with advice about choosing equipment and establishing your own hive. This is then supported by practical work in our apiary through the season. Here students have the opportunity to experience what handling bees is like and put into practice what they have learned. Protective clothing and other equipment is provided for the apiary sessions.

The 2017 Beginners' Course is now full. However, Acton Scott Farm Museum is hosting two separate one day "Introduction to Beekeeping" courses on 10th June and 29th July taught by our President, Brian Goodwin. Further details here.

This part of the British Beekeepers Asociation website is a helpful place to begin online research for beginners. Graham Law's excellent website also contains valuable material for anyone wanting to explore further, as does that of the idiosyncratic Moray Bee Dinosaurs. In addition some of the websites listed on the Links page have helpful information and advice.