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There are hundreds of websites about bees and beekeeping and everyone has his or her favourites. Below is a "starter" list of a few different kinds of site. Most of them have further links with others so that you will be able to track down the ones that interest you most.

British Beekeepers' Association

The national umbrella organisation for most local associations. Has up-to-date information about important legal developments, news about management of diseases etc. as well as articles of more general interest.

The National Bee Unit

The branch of the Central Science Laboratory which undertakes research on honeybee issues.


The International Bee Research Association. The title is self-explanatory.

Thorne's (Beehives) Ltd.

The largest British supplier of bee-related equipment. A useful starting point for tracking down anything you want to buy. The website also has other content of interest to beekeepers.

Northern Bee Books

Another commercial website that has lots of useful general information, as well as an interesting online Newsletter (Apis UK). NBB also sponsors the B.E.E.S. scheme that gives Newsletter editors access to a wide range of material from around the country.

Somerset Beekeepers

A prize-winning County website.

David Cushman

A personal website developed by the late Dave Cushman. It contains much valuable resource material and is being maintained as a tribute to his efforts.

Graham & Annie Law's Website

An entertaining site with lots of information about bees and other things. Good for beginners.

Bee Hacker

"A cross-pollination of beekeeping and technology"
This site explores the confluence of beekeeping and technology. It is targeted at the amateur and professional beekeeper or bee lover, scientist, engineer, inventor, DIYer etc.

Scientific Beekeeping

"Beekeeping Through the Eyes of a Biologist"
A personal and thought provoking exploration of beekeeping by a trained scientist, writer and lecturer. Very informative and readable.

Moray Bee Dinosaurs

An idiosyncratic but stimulating website, bringing together all sorts of information. Excellent sections on beekeeping for beginners & varroa and comprehensive series of articles against pesticides. Good video section also.

Bee Source.Com

A very useful American online 'Sourcebook' for all sorts of things to do with bees, including DIY equipment plans and several bulletin boards.


Another American site with some well researched and presented information. There is content suitable for beginners and experienced beekeepers alike.

Bush Bees

An American beefarmer's site that challenges conventional thinking on many issues - and includes some very practical advice for managing your bees.

Peak Hives

National hives at reasonable prices, handmade in the Peak District from locally sourced materials.

Caddon Hives

WBC & National hives in cedar made by a family firm. Accessories also available.

Freeman & Harding

Specialist supplier of glass bottles and jars for honey storage and sales.

The National Honey Show

An annual country-wide competitive display of honey and other hive products, coupled with trade & craft stands likely to be of interest to beekeepers.

C. Arden (Bookseller)

A bookshop in Hay-on Wye, with a focus on all aspects of natural history including bees and beekeeping. The stock comprises new, second-hand and out-of-print, fine, illustrated and antiquarian books.

Honey Recipes

A new recipe site created by Roger Patterson.

Sugar Free Recipes

General information about sugar free cooking/baking, including some recipes using honey. (Hint: enter 'honey' into the search box to track them down.)